Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Holding my baby!

Yesterday, I held my first book in my hand. Lovely glossy green paperback cover, a slim size, readable text, suitably understated design. Will post a picture here as soon as I figure out how :-). The excitement began when Aditya, my chairman, called at 10 in the morning to tell me that he had the book in hand. Tears welled up. This is the culmination of a lifetime of aspiration. Although fate cast me as a magazine writer all my career, I have never really been a magazine person. From the beginning I have been a book person, always preferring the eternal and lasting to the passing show. Life Positive manages to straddle the dichotomy by being a magazine dealing with eternal and lasting subjects, but nevertheless my allegiance is to the book. I know this is only a halfway house because it consists of columns from the magazine, but I prefer to think of it as a bridge - which I will cross to enter book land proper.
All journalists aspire to be authors. It is the next level for us. I am glad to have got there. Yesterday, my friend Santosh held a Guru Purnima at her house in honour of our late guru, Justice Dudhat. I took a copy of the book, we placed it in front of his picture and I feel sure that he has blessed the book and will help it to fulfil the intentions with which I have produced it. These are twofold. It should reach out all who need it; and it should also help Life Positive make some money. I see this as my gift to Life Positive.

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  1. I am sure it was such a high Suma.It is indeed a labour of love and sharing your life with so many takes so much courage.We, your friends were so delighted to be there to see you hold up your 'baby' and were so proud of you.I for one opens first your page in LP and only then do I see the rest of the articles.Am totally awed by what you have to say in them and it makes us all nod our heads in acceptance and agreement.We now look for ward to the next 'baby' and am usre it will be as welcomed as this one was.All the best.Kalpana