Saturday, July 4, 2009

Witness to a murder

I have just returned from my morning walk which I take in a park near my house. A pretty park with hedges that are partially made of bushes that have these froth-like flowers that bloom in great profusion during summer and monsoon. I don't know their names but they look beautiful with vivid colours like pink, red, also white. I was admiring their abundant bloom a month ago until one day, I was aghast to see that the gardener had shorn them of their blooms in the height of their beauty,and levelled them down. Later, I found that the hedges had once again started sprouting little buds. Today, I found that the gardener has once again slashed his machete through them and the buds too have been massacred. I am traumatised. I spoke to the boy who collects our entry fees. He was indifferent and a little rude. His point was that the gardener knows best and that this was done to ensure that there was no kachra (rubbish) from the plants as they dropped their blossoms!
Another man also explained that this was done to encourage further growth. I don't know if I buy this reasoning. If the bushes are trimmed each time they struggle to blossom, when are they going to get a chance to manifest their glory? Soon the season will be over and their beauty will have been aborted by the park officials' need to keep a neat garden with level hedges.
To me this is murder. A deliberate throttling of nature's pulsating life force, by minds that are so focussed on order and neatness that they are blind to the higher order that emerges from nature's unfettered expression.
Here is the left brain mind in action. The mind that is blind to the delicate inspirations of life and nature and only wants to control and direct from its own narow perspective. The world has suffered greatly from this mind. Thank goodness it is on its way out. I say this even though out of the hundreds who walk in the park, I was the only one who protested at this. Yes, we are still the minority, but I know through my work in Life Positive that every day more and more of us are awakening. Maybe, next summer, the flowers will be allowed to bloom in peace.

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